Wednesday, May 9, 2012

“My little buttercup...has the sweetest smiiiiiiiiile...” was the song was running itself through Kevin’s brain all day.  The sun was out, he was moseying down the shore, gulls were chirping and diving, the water playfully splashing against the rocks as the waves glided in.  He had just bought a bag of popcorn from the little hut on the beach, which he now munched on as he walked.  His fingers were getting greasy from the oily butter.  At the same moment, the sun was beating down on Ariel, whose feet hurt from the rocky shore she was walking across, barefoot.  The sickening stench of hot buttered popcorn was assailing her has she passed some humming, smiling moron.  The squawking birds made a mess of the rocks and threatened to splatter her with guano.  The water relentlessly beat on the shore.  Futile.  The rocks would never yield to the least not for another million years.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Three months on an oil rig was enough for Timothy.  He always felt sea sick the first couple days after getting back on land.  His daughter had called him up three days ago and told him she was getting three days.  He called base and had them send a helicopter to pick him up.  Now, waiting nervously in his hotel room, sitting on the bed in his rented tux, he was starting to get a bit of acid reflux.  He brushed some crumbs off the powder blue pants, inspected the frilly front of his white button-up, made sure they were fluffed up just like the sales associate showed him.  His matching powder blue top hat rested beside him on the bed.  He wanted to make sure he blended in right, didn’t embarrass his daughter on her special day.  She was always telling him that he embarrassed her in front of her friends.  So he had rented himself the snazziest tux in the store, determined to do her proud.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gary?  Come down here, son.  Yer mom and me need to talk to ya.  Yer mom and me we been talkin bout how good ya done this year.  We’re real proud a ya.  We wancha ta know that we seen how hard ya worked, how much time ya put in.  We’re proud a ya helpin us out at the store, stickin it out an all.  You stayed up late an got up early.  An even though you aint had the advanages that yer friends got, you stuck with yer studies an you done good.  Real good.  So I want ya go out to the driveway an see what yer mom and me got for ya. Yer all grown up now, and we figured it’s about time for you to have one a yer own, seein how yer goin sa far away in the fall.  We love ya, son.