Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gary?  Come down here, son.  Yer mom and me need to talk to ya.  Yer mom and me we been talkin bout how good ya done this year.  We’re real proud a ya.  We wancha ta know that we seen how hard ya worked, how much time ya put in.  We’re proud a ya helpin us out at the store, stickin it out an all.  You stayed up late an got up early.  An even though you aint had the advanages that yer friends got, you stuck with yer studies an you done good.  Real good.  So I want ya go out to the driveway an see what yer mom and me got for ya. Yer all grown up now, and we figured it’s about time for you to have one a yer own, seein how yer goin sa far away in the fall.  We love ya, son.  

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