Friday, April 13, 2012

An afternoon romp in the hay with Janine was just what Gary needed to mentally prepare himself for proposing to Janette later that evening.  Everything had gone off without a hitch.  Claiming he was going on his usual Saturday golf outing, he said goodbye to Janette that morning.  She would expect him to play a round, then hang with the fellas for drinks and dogs afterward. Then he would drive home in time to shower and dress to take Janette out to dinner.  This had been their routine every Saturday for about a year and a half.  Gary did play golf, but he never hung around for drinks and dogs.  Instead he’d take a leisurely drive to Janine’s family’s farm, where he’d spend most of the afternoon frolicing with Janine, usually in the hay, and drinking lemonade.  So now, kneeling before Janette in the middle of the restaurant after having made exactly the right confession of his undying love for her, he thrust his hand into his pocket and realized, too late, that he had left the ring in the barn.

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