Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tina decided to learn ballet.  She didn’t stick with it more than a day, but she was thrilled for the week leading up to her first lesson.  She picked out the cutest pink shoes, found a leotard just her size, and even found leg warmers (against all odds) at a thrift store.  On the big day, she pulled her hair up into the tightest, most painful bun she could manage at the top of her head.  She put rouge on her cheeks.  She packed her new duffle bag with a change of clothes, water bottle, powder, and all the accoutrements a proper ballerina should have.  By the end of class though, Tina had come to realize that she was 30 years too late and 50 pounds too heavy for learning ballet.  Her illusions shattered, she went back to court-reporting.

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